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16 Best Blouse Designs For Women 2024 by LeGray Fashion

The world of fashion brings forth the most beautiful designs of women's blouses to meet the needs of stylish and sophisticated ladies in society. LeGray Fashion designs carry a luxurious...

The world of fashion brings forth the most beautiful designs of women's blouses to meet the needs of stylish and sophisticated ladies in society. LeGray Fashion designs carry a luxurious and refined aesthetic that harmonizes with the tastes of modern women, making them an indispensable choice for every woman seeking elegance and distinction in her appearance.

LeGray Fashion designs are characterized by embodying refined elegance and timeless femininity, blending high quality with sophisticated designs to offer a diverse range of women's blouses suitable for all occasions and compatible with various tastes and styles.

A unique collection of women's blouses from LeGray Fashion:


Shine with renewed elegance and absolute sophistication with the summer POPLIN women's blouses from LeGray Fashion. Featuring a distinctive design with a square neckline made of poplin cotton to provide you with an elegant and comfortable wearing experience. The blouse is accentuated with a vibrant red color to add to its stylish appearance. The SMOCKED details of this piece give it a luxurious and elegant look, along with wide sleeves. The blouse comes with a front button closure and is available for 698.05 Saudi Riyals.


Get ready now for elegance and grab this uniquely distinctive piece from LeGray Fashion. It's truly exceptional and a must-have in your wardrobe, as it's made of cotton, ensuring comfort and quality. Its fully perforated design gives you a modern and elegant touch, while its classic black color adds a special charm. The blouse features other details such as the classic collar and practical chest pockets, with a front button closure, and a short length that enhances its attractiveness, making it perfect for your daily looks or special occasions. Get your cotton women's blouses now for 3,298.20 Saudi Riyals.


Get a distinctive summer look with the wrap-around waist blouse from LeGray Fashion. This new version of our favorite Agni blouse features short sleeves that provide a sense of freshness and freedom of movement. Made of viscose fabric to provide comfort all day long, it's perfect for women of all ages and designed to fit all body types.

The blouse is suitable for yoga practice and allows you to style it in multiple ways. Get it now for 2,029.75 Saudi Riyals.


Discover the beauty of the LYNDON blouse in its distinctive pink color for 1,819.30 Saudi Riyals.

Get an elegant and sophisticated look with the LYNDON blouse. This beautiful blouse for this season comes in luxurious silk fabric, 100% pure, with a large floral print that adds a touch of beauty and femininity to your look.

The blouse features unique long sleeves and carefully designed buttons along the front, adding an elegant and unique touch. Wear it with jeans to complete your look with a classy and modern style.


Get ready for the holiday with the EMALIN blouse, available at a competitive price of just 1,598.50 Saudi Riyals. Enjoy a holiday-ready look with a custom floral print that makes it elegant and delightful.

The blouse features lovely puff sleeves and shoulder straps to complete the charming look. It's made of a fabric blend including 40% polyester, 35% rayon, and 25% silk, with a lining of 100% polyester.


Get the Italian elegance with the ASYMMETRIC PLEAT DETAILING BLOUSE from LeGray Fashion, priced at 1,430.60 Saudi Riyals. Shine in a stylish charcoal gray color that attracts attention with its unique and elegant asymmetric design, while the short split sleeves give you freedom of movement and comfort. Wear it to stand out with a distinctive look at all occasions, featuring a composition of 100% polyester for quality and durability.


Get the multi-colored CARGO cardigan priced at 550.85 Saudi Riyals. The CARGO cardigan is one of the most famous pieces in the collection, featuring a knitted design with purple color coordination, front button closure, and a V-neck collar to complete the look. Made of 65% viscose and 35% nylon, it provides both comfort and elegance at the same time.


Get the elegant JACQUE shirt now, featuring a unique cut along with lace detailing that gives the piece a stunning look. Priced at 1,898.65 Saudi Riyals, it comes in a stylish black color with delicate lace details and an attractive transparent design, adding an elegant touch to the blouse. The shirt includes a high neckline and front button closure, with long sleeves, making it a perfect piece for a stylish and attractive look.


Enjoy timeless elegance with the most beautiful women's blouses. The LYNDON blouse is designed with chiffon details and adorned with shiny pearl embellishments. Priced at 2,040.10 Saudi Riyals, the blouse features front buttons and long sleeves to enhance its beautiful appearance, and it comes with an inner lining to complete the look gracefully.


Get the fabulous KELMON blouse with its elegant design. It's a distinctive piece in black, made of cotton, featuring a collar detail without folds, front button closure, and long sleeves with coordinated cuffs, giving it a stylish modern look. The product is available at a special price of just 1,351.60 Saudi Riyals.


Shine with the PUSSY-BOW SILK-BLEND BLOUSE priced at 1,179.90 Saudi Riyals.

Natasha Zinko introduces a unique blouse for the Fall/Winter 2023 collection, combining delicacy and elegance in its design. Made of silk blend fabric with viscose, it features long sleeves and a pussy-bow neckline that adds a charming feminine touch to the fabric. The surprise button closure at the back enhances the beauty of the piece, giving it a distinctive character. Made in the United Kingdom.


Enjoy a unique look with elegant women's blouses featuring an asymmetrical cut from LeGray Fashion priced at 995.33 Saudi Riyals. This blouse is characterized by a short length and an asymmetrical design with a round neckline, in a soft pink color that adds a delicate touch. It is made of a blend of silk fabric for comfort and elegance, with a distinctive design featuring an asymmetrical cut.


Get the distinctive RANA TIE-NECK blouse with its wonderful classic cut, available at the price of 664.70 Saudi Riyals. This blouse, presented to you by ULLA JOHNSON, features an orange color and a cotton design, with a floral print to add a wonderful touch of elegance. It comes with a wide collar and a necktie, along with long puffed sleeves. Don't miss out on this fantastic piece and order it now.


Enjoy the elegant and unique look of this black blouse adorned with attractive gold patterns, priced at 345.00 Saudi Riyals. This long-sleeved blouse from GANNI is made of silk with a small percentage of Spandex to give you greater flexibility. It features gathered details on the front to add a distinctive appearance. The design also includes a U-neck and a charming gold print that extends along the length of the blouse, giving you a luxurious look.


Undoubtedly, every woman dreams of a piece that highlights her elegance and reflects her unique style. That's why LeGray Fashion presents its customers with the "RIBBON CROCHET FRINGE TOP" blouse to fulfill this dream. As for the price of this fantastic piece, it is 2,116.00 Saudi Riyals.

It boasts a distinctive design with crochet and fringe details that add irresistible beauty to it. It's not just any woolen women's blouse; it's a piece that reflects your refined taste and adds a touch of sophisticated elegance to your look.

With its light blue color exuding vitality and softness, and its elegant design featuring decorated edges and a round neckline, you'll always be at the peak of elegance and femininity. Get a distinctive and exceptional look with the "RIBBON" blouse, and enjoy a striking and elegant appearance.


Enjoy a distinctive look with the FREESIA cotton blouse featuring long sleeves. The product is priced at 324.88 Saudi Riyals. This blouse is characterized by its linen fabric, which gives it an elegant appearance, along with long sleeves, button cuffs, and a waist belt to define the figure.

Moreover, it's made of non-elastic and heavy fabric, making it ideal for all occasions and events.

Finally, get ready to embrace elegance and distinction with the latest designs and models of women's blouses from LeGray Fashion for this year. This collection is characterized by its unique diversity and wonderful allure, blending classic and modern elegance. Shine with innovative pieces crafted with care, adding a touch of sophistication with the finest fabrics.


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