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13 ideas for styling wide leg pants elegantly this summer

With the arrival of summer, wide-leg pants are topping the list of the most trendy and stylish outfits for this hot season. Women are seeking looks that combine comfort and...

With the arrival of summer, wide-leg pants are topping the list of the most trendy and stylish outfits for this hot season. Women are seeking looks that combine comfort and elegance, and wide-leg pants effortlessly achieve this difficult balance.

In today's article from LeGray Fashion, we present you with unique ideas to help you style wide-leg pants in chic and innovative ways, whether you want a comfortable casual look or an elegant evening appearance.

You'll find enough inspiration in this article to refresh your wardrobe and add a touch of modernity to your summer outfits. Follow along to discover how you can take advantage of this popular trend in a unique and attractive way.

A Collection of the Most Beautiful Wide-Leg Pants from LeGray Fashion


Elevate your look with these wide-leg pants from GANNI in an attractive purple color. They feature pleated details that add a touch of elegance to their contemporary design.

Made from high-quality twill fabric, these pants come with belt loops and a front button and zip closure for easy wear. The wide-leg cut ensures freedom of movement and all-day comfort, while the side slit pockets and a back pocket add practicality.

Their full length with a straight hem makes them suitable for various occasions, whether formal or casual. Choose these trendy and sustainable pants from GANNI to add a touch of elegance and comfort to your wardrobe. Don't miss the chance to get them for 998.20 SAR.


Enjoy elegance and luxury with these stylishly designed pants. Featuring a contemporary and sophisticated look in an attractive toffee color, their wide and straight cut adds a touch of elegance to your daily or formal outfit for 2,975.05 SAR.

Add a touch of sophistication and refinement to your wardrobe with these wide and comfortable pants, making them perfect for various occasions. They are an essential piece in your closet, so don't miss the chance to get them now.


Elevate your look with these wide-leg pants from Tyler in an elegant camel color. Made from a high-quality wool blend, they feature pleated details that add a touch of sophistication and luxury.

The pants come with a front overlap closure for a neat and polished appearance.

Add these distinctive pants to your wardrobe to achieve a look that combines elegance and comfort. Their contemporary design makes them suitable for various occasions, whether formal or casual.

Don't miss the chance to get them now for 1,125.28 SAR.


Add a touch of vibrancy to your wardrobe with the TERRY BUNNY sports pants from NATASHA ZINKO. These pants feature a bright green color and an attractive contemporary design. Made from 100% cotton to ensure all-day comfort, they come with an embroidered logo on the front for an elegant touch.

The pants have an elastic waistband with a drawstring for a perfect fit, along with practical side pockets for easy storage of your daily essentials. Their wide-leg and long-length design provide unparalleled comfort, making them an ideal choice for sports activities or relaxing on casual days.

Made in the UK, these pants guarantee high quality. Get these distinctive pants now and enjoy a look that combines comfort and style. Don't miss the chance to get them for 862.50 SAR, as they are perfect for daily wear or sports activities.

Wide-Leg Pants Styling Ideas

Wide-Leg Jeans with a T-Shirt

Choose a pair of wide-leg jeans to add a touch of elegance and comfort. Pair them with a t-shirt featuring some unique graphics to add a distinctive touch. Don’t forget to complete the look with stylish sneakers that bring a sense of vitality and elegance to your outfit.

Wide-Leg Pants with a Classic Shirt

For a classic work-appropriate look with wide-leg pants, opt for elegance by pairing them with a chic shirt. Add a feminine touch with flat shoes or heels.

Black Wide-Leg Pants with a Silk Shirt

Pair black wide-leg pants with a silk shirt to add a touch of sophistication. Get ready for your summer journey with style and comfort, as this outfit is lightweight and flowy, making it perfect for hot weather. You can easily pair it with sandals for a trendy and comfortable look at the same time. It's an ideal choice for enjoying a relaxing and stylish summer vacation.

Wide-Leg Jeans with a Chiffon Blouse

Style wide-leg jeans in a unique way for a perfect date night look. Wear wide-leg jeans for a comfortable and trendy appearance. To add an extra layer and boldness to your outfit, pair them with a sheer blouse that complements the jeans beautifully. Don’t forget to choose high heels to elongate your figure and add an elegant touch to your look. Capture attention and shine every moment with this stunning ensemble.

Patterned Wide-Leg Pants with a Jacket

Add a jacket to wide-leg pants with attractive floral prints to bring a touch of femininity and vibrancy to your look. The jacket is an essential outerwear piece in your wardrobe, and it pairs wonderfully with high-waisted wide-leg pants. Opt for a casual look by coordinating it with floral or other printed pants and refresh your style with an elegant and distinctive touch.

Wide-Leg Pants with an Oversized Blazer

Whether you choose a blazer that matches the color of your pants or pick a different shade, this piece can add a lot to your outfit. Try a buttoned-up oversized blazer with wide-leg pants and add high-heeled sandals for an elegant appearance.

Wide-Leg Pants with a Crop Top

With wide-leg pants, you’ll feel free to move and less restricted compared to other styles. You can choose a crop top to add a feminine and chic touch. This pairs wonderfully with embroidered pants that deserve to be the star of your outfit.

Wide-Leg Pants with a Blouse and Belt

Wide-leg pants typically feature a high waist, making them perfect for cinching with a belt. Opt for a monochromatic outfit for an elegant touch and use a belt with a large buckle to add a contemporary, unconventional look.

Wide-Leg Pants with a Leather Jacke

Create a standout look by pairing a leather jacket with wide-leg pants, adding a touch of boldness and elegance. Nothing compares to the impact of this combination, and you can easily drape the jacket over your shoulders if the temperature rises, enhancing your distinctive style.

Wide-Leg Pants with an Off-Shoulder Blouse

An off-shoulder blouse paired with wide-leg pants gives an unconventional touch, creating an elegant appearance and adding a charming contrast to your look. You can also add a belt to complete the distinctive look.

Wide-Leg Pants with a Wool Sweater

Pairing a ribbed wool sweater with your wide-leg pants makes for an ideal office-appropriate look. This coordination offers a unique and elegant appearance for hijab wearers, complemented with a multicolored hijab to complete the stylish look.

Wide-Leg Pants with a Long Coat

Choose floor-length wide-leg pants that perfectly harmonize with a long plaid coat. Let classic elements dominate your look with neutral colors, and enjoy the exquisite elegance the coat adds to your fall outfit.

Wide-Leg Pants with a Denim Jacket

Embrace the classic '90s girl style with wide-leg pants and a cropped denim jacket. Use the denim jacket to add a casual yet chic touch to your look with the wide-leg pants.

Wide-Leg Pants Trend

Wide-leg pants are the perfect choice for those seeking both comfort and style. With their loose design, they offer your legs freedom of movement and ultimate comfort, making them ideal for hot days.

What sets wide-leg pants apart from other styles is their straight and wide cut from top to bottom, making them a unique and elegant piece that adds a touch of modernity to your wardrobe.

These pants are making a strong comeback in fashion, influenced by '70s styles, as people shift towards more comfortable and relaxed designs.

According to fashion experts, wide-leg pants not only provide comfort but are also highly versatile. You can easily pair them with a simple blouse for a casual daytime look or with an elegant top and luxurious accessories for a stunning evening appearance. After years of tight-fitting styles dominating the scene, this trend is redefining elegance and comfort simultaneously.

Types of Wide-Leg Pants

There are a variety of options when it comes to wide-leg pants, and many of these styles are available with high waists, though you can find low-waisted cuts as well.

  • Jeans Wide-leg jeans are a wardrobe staple, offering the flexibility and style of your favorite denim but with a loose fit. They provide more freedom of movement compared to skinny jeans, making them comfortable to wear on various occasions.
  • Trousers These classic pants with elegant detailing are essential for work and formal events, but they also suit casual outfits. Formal trousers often feature a high waist and are straight down to the bottom.
  • Palazzo Pants This ultra-flowy piece is often made from lightweight fabrics in bright colors and lively patterns, making it an ideal choice for vacations and resort wear.
  • Culottes A great option for casual or semi-formal looks, culottes can easily blend between chic and comfortable appearances.

In conclusion to our stylish journey in the world of fashion, we’ve presented unique and modern ideas for styling wide-leg pants. Explore our wide collection of wide-leg pants on LeGray Fashion and choose the ones that best suit your elegant and comfortable look.


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