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Find Your Fit: Jeans Size Chart by Numbers

When it comes to buying the perfect pair of jeans, it may seem like a daunting task that requires a lot of research and trial, but don't worry. Knowing your...

When it comes to buying the perfect pair of jeans, it may seem like a daunting task that requires a lot of research and trial, but don't worry. Knowing your correct size can make the process easy and enjoyable at LeGray Fashion. We understand that jeans are one of the most important pieces in anyone's wardrobe, whether you prefer classic or contemporary styles.

In this article, we'll provide you with a comprehensive guide on jean sizes in numbers. Keep reading to discover valuable tips and precise methods to determine the size that suits you and enhances your look. Get ready for a shopping experience with ease and confidence, with LeGray Fashion always committed to providing the best for you.

Guide to Jean Sizes in Numbers: Discover Your Perfect Fit

When choosing the perfect jeans, knowing your exact size is key to achieving a comfortable and stylish look. Jeans sizes are measured in inches, where the first number represents the waist size and the second number represents the inseam length. We'll explain how to accurately determine your size.

  • How to Measure Jeans:

  • Waist Size Measuremen Lay the jeans flat on a table and fasten the button.Measure the back waistband to get half of the waist size, then double this number to get the full waist size.


    • Waist size (cm) 35.5: Jeans size 28
    • Waist size (cm) 37: Jeans size 29
    • Waist size (cm) 38: Jeans size 30
    • Waist size (cm) 39.5: Jeans size 31
    • Waist size (cm) 40.5: Jeans size 32
    • Waist size (cm) 42: Jeans size 33
    • Waist size (cm) 43: Jeans size 34
    • Waist size (cm) 45.5: Jeans size 36
    • Waist size (cm) 48: Jeans size 38
    • Waist size (cm) 50.5: Jeans size 40
    • Waist size (cm) 53: Jeans size 42
    • Waist size (cm) 55.5: Jeans size 44
    • Waist size (cm) 58.5: Jeans size 46
    • Waist size (cm) 61: Jeans size 48
  • Inseam Length Measurement:

  • To measure the inseam length, start from the top of the inner leg and measure down to the bottom hem.

    Use the following table to match the measurement in centimeters with the jeans size in inches:

    • Inseam length (cm) 75 - 77.5: Jeans size (inches) 30
    • Inseam length (cm) 80 - 82.5: Jeans size (inches) 32
    • Inseam length (cm) 85.5 - 88: Jeans size (inches) 34
    • Inseam length (cm) 90 - 92.5: Jeans size (inches) 36

    Knowing your exact jean size helps you find jeans that fit perfectly, enhancing your comfort and confidence. Get jeans that accentuate your figure and complete your stylish look with LeGray Fashion.

    Choose the perfect jeans from our wide collection and enjoy an elegant and comfortable appearance. Follow the size guide for the best shopping experience possible.

    LeGray Fashion's Best Range of Jeans with Sizes to Fit Everyone


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    With its innovative design, the double belt and double denim overlay create a distinct visual impact known as the "double-trouble" style, making it appear as if you're wearing two pairs of jeans at once.

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    Here are the most important tips for buying jeans:

    Accurate Measurements: Start by taking precise measurements of your body, preferably while wearing underwear or lightweight clothing to ensure accuracy. This will help you obtain precise numbers that reflect your true size.

    Seek Assistance: Don't hesitate to ask for help from a friend when taking measurements. This can help you avoid any difficulties you may encounter with the measuring tape.

    Shop from New Stores: When trying out new stores or different brands, provide all your measurements to the seller. This helps the seller guide you towards the perfect fit and jeans that suit your taste.

    Use Online Sizing Charts: If shopping online, make sure to check the store's sizing charts. These charts help you understand the size differences between different brands, making it easier for you to choose the right pair of jeans.

    By following these tips, you can ensure you get the perfect jeans that fit you perfectly and enhance your appearance and style.

    Choosing the perfect jeans can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience when you have the right knowledge about numerical jean sizes. Understanding how to use the numerical jeans sizing chart can simplify the purchasing process and avoid the hassle of getting the wrong size.

    Remember that accurate measurements, trying on in stores, or even checking reviews when shopping online can ensure a successful and enjoyable shopping experience.

    At LeGray Fashion, we strive to provide the best tips and information to help you make smart decisions about your fashion choices. Enjoy an easy and enjoyable shopping experience with us, where you'll find the perfect jeans that suit you and reflect your unique personality and style.


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