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For Women and Men: Latest Collection of now

Welcome to the limitless world of fashion, where elegance meets comfort, and authenticity blends with innovation at LeGray Fashion. We take pride in offering the latest fashion trends for both...

Welcome to the limitless world of fashion, where elegance meets comfort, and authenticity blends with innovation at LeGray Fashion. We take pride in offering the latest fashion trends for both women and men. Presenting an exceptional collection of men's and women's sneakers, discover a new style for a contemporary look with sneakers that reflect the latest global fashion trends.

The best sneakers for men and women from LeGray Fashion:


Discover elegance with this unique sneaker featuring a shimmering star pattern. This shoe will add a touch of sophistication and allure to your look for 2,440 SAR. Enjoy both comfort and style simultaneously.

Golden Goose presents the BALL STAR sneaker, which boasts a sleek white color and is handcrafted from leather. It comes with a rubber sole ensuring stability and durability. Don’t miss the chance to own this fantastic shoe, which includes a QR code to verify its authenticity. Reserve your pair of women's sneakers now and be ready for a stylish and comfortable look on every occasion.


Get ready for a look of pure luxury and elegance with the FRANCY shoe. Golden Goose crafted this high-top sneaker from white leather, featuring a distinctive star pattern that adds unmatched style for the wearer. Made in Italy, it also includes a rubber sole for comfort and stability. This piece is priced at 2,589.80 SAR.


The SUPER-STAR shoe with its distinctive leopard print adds a touch of elegance and allure. Why not lead the fashion world with this bold leopard print leather shoe from Golden Goose? It leaves a strong impression on everyone who sees it and is truly a pride for your personal kingdom. Made in Italy, this shoe features a front lace-up, a black leather star on the side, and a branded heel tab, along with a comfortable rubber sole. Priced at 2,295.40 SAR, this is truly a standout piece you don’t want to miss.


Discover elegance with the BALL STAR EMBROIDERED-PANELS shoe, featuring embroidered details, priced at 2,589.80 SAR. Designed in Italy, this shoe combines elegance and modernity in a stunning design with intricate embroidery, alongside soft leather accents that add a luxurious touch.

The shoe also features the brand's iconic star patch on the sides, reflecting its unique identity. It comes with lace-up closure and a padded ankle for maximum comfort. This shoe offers both comfort and style, with a soft French lining and a flat rubber outsole ensuring superior comfort all day long.


Stand out with the distinctive OUT OF OFFICE shoe featuring arrow motifs. When it comes to footwear, Off-White offers a unique touch that takes us back to the aesthetics of the 90s with innovative modern twists. The OUT OF OFFICE design, known as OOO, combines traditional appeal with contemporary innovation.

Crafted from white leather, this shoe is adorned with a signature tag on the upper and arrow motifs. It features a multi-colored design combining royal blue and white, a padded ankle, and a mesh lining for optimal ventilation. The flat rubber sole provides stability and comfort all day long. This shoe is priced at 2,597.85 SAR.


The unique and distinctive STARS COURT shoe features intricate embroidery by AMIRI, giving it its special characteristics. These high-top shoes are crafted from durable canvas and feature brand logo details on the tongue, heel, and sole.

This remarkable piece comes in a mix of beige with light and dark gray tones. Made from a combination of canvas and leather, it ensures durability, along with a rubber sole for comfortable movement. This exceptional piece is priced at 2,397.75 SAR.


A distinctive canvas shoe design with a unique leather touch in black and white, blending elegance and boldness. It features an embroidered logo on the side, adding a touch of sophistication and distinction, along with a branded tongue tag reflecting its unique identity. The shoe comes with a flat rubber sole that ensures stability and durability. This remarkable piece is available for 1,698.55 SAR. Don’t hesitate—order now and enjoy confident steps with lasting comfort.

What are the differences between men's and women's shoes?

In the realm of footwear, the differences between men's and women's shoes are clearly highlighted through style. Men's shoes typically feature flat soles, with the addition of one or two-inch heels only for formal footwear, while women's shoes often come with higher heels, whether for formal or daily wear. Women's shoes are often available in a greater variety of colors and styles, with more decorative details like embroidery and laces, whereas some men's shoes are predominantly neutral in color, such as black, dark blue, brown, and white.

However, there are some types of shoes that are suitable for both genders, such as walking shoes designed with very functional features regardless of gender.

  • To get an accurate foot measurement, it's best to measure your feet at the end of the day when they're typically slightly swollen compared to the morning.
  •  Before measuring, wear the same pair of socks you intend to wear with the shoes.
  • Secure a piece of paper on the ground, making sure it doesn't slip. Then, stand on the paper with one foot and slightly bend forward. You can also sit on a chair, but ensure your feet are stable on the ground.
  • Use a pen to trace the outline of your foot on the paper if possible. Seek assistance from another person in this step if necessary, as it can help you get an accurate and steady measurement.
  • Repeat the process with the other foot, as it's common for a person's feet to be slightly different in size.
  • Identify the largest point of your big toe and the outermost points of your heel, then use a ruler or measuring tape to measure the distance between these points. This measurement represents the length of your foot. For an accurate measurement, it's best to use a ruler marked in centimeters rather than inches.

Signs that may indicate wearing an ill-fitting shoe size

When the shoe fits properly, you should be able to perform desired movements, whether it's walking, running, or engaging in sports, with flexibility, comfort, and confidence. However, there are a few signs to watch out for if you suspect wearing an ill-fitting shoe size:

  1. Pressure on the edge of your big toe: If the shoe is too small, you may feel pressure or irritation on the edge of your big toe or pinky toe.
  2. Heel slipping while walking: If the shoe is too large, this may occur even when the laces are tightened properly.

All these signs should be noted before purchasing new shoes to ensure your comfort. Shop now at LeGray Fashion store to try out the latest collection of sneakers for women and men. Explore a variety of trendy and comfortable designs that cater to all tastes and occasions. Get style and performance in one step.


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